We are one day closer to getting our car. I was able to get hold of the church secretary this morning, She prepared the check, and then from what we were told, the wife of the Church Treasurer was kind enough to take the check to where he was at work (I think) so he could sign it.

Then a friend brought the check to us. Now all we need is the car. I called the dealership today, and he said they would not likely get th tires until late this afternoon, at the earliest, and perhaps not till tomorrow morning. I will call around noon to see if the tires came in and have been placed on the car.

I asked the guy if he would be able to bring it out to us, and he said he could meet us half way. I told him I wasn’t sure we would be able to get a ride. He said he should be able to get someone to follow him over to the house.

I hope we don’t end up waiting till late tomorrow afternoon. I will let both of he readers of this blog know.