I couldn’t resist the Chuck Berry shtick! It’s nice to have wheels again! We have only been without a car for 52 days, but it felt like forever. Sue and I have been together for almost 9 years, and to be honest, we didn’t get a car until February of this year. We got used to be able to go where we wanted to go, without taking a bus, or asking for a ride, or taking a cab. There are many things we will be able to do now. I have somewhat been neglecting the library, as getting there even with the Ford was problematic. I couldn’t afford the gas. Every time we went past a gas station, Vickie would gasp and say “Feed me!!!!!!!!!!!!” So it was difficult for me to get to the church to get any work done in the library.

We are so blessed to have a church that is so generous to have helped us with the money to purchase this car. We have been told we don’t have to pay it back, our only obligation is to return the favor someday, and to take good care of this car. We will definitely do that. We will also make some donations to the love fund at the church

We have also named the new car. We tried out several ideas, but nothing quite seemed right. Finally Sue hit on Doddi. Well, she figured she is a Dodge Intrepid, So, Doddi. ( I thought she was saying Dottie) I had tossed out Trep, Sandy waned to name her Christine… Paging Stephen King… I think Doddi works pretty well.