I guess I will have to write an actual blog today. I looked at the movie guide I usually cut and paste in this space on Fridays, and there was one lousy movie listed as opening today. (Okay, it might not have really been a lousy movie, but I didn’t see the point in cutting and pasting just one. )

So, what the heck to blog about? Let’s see, it’s wet and rainy today. Our new car is getting wet. I went out to get the paper and discovered the car had not melted! I was going to take some pictures of the car for Mom & Dad, but no such luck.

Sandy and Sue are making some cookies today. We are gonna decorate them later. Yum Yum. Sandy is being pleasant today, I hope it continues. We will see. For the time being, we will enjoy her good mood. At any rate that’s the blog. What can I say, we are rather boring folks!