This is Saturday, but I am in somewhat of a lazy mood. I am hurting a little bit. Not a lot, just enough to have very little ambition to do much of anything today. Sue is coughing, seems like she has a bit of a cold. She is taking Creomulsion to stave off the cough… (Yeah I know that rhymes Whoop de do!)

So today I basically did nothing. I got up, read the paper, and later on when Sue went to lay down I ended up watching one of my favorite Cold War movies of all time, “Ice Station Zebra”. I had recorded it from TCM the other day. Sue isn’t all that big on the movie, so I figured today would be the perfect time to watch it. I like some types of movies that she doesn’t like, for example Horror movies. I generally don’t end up watching them. It isn’t that I can’t watch them, I just haven’t taken the opportunity to do so. Sue could easily go into our room to watch something else, or she could sit and read a book. She doesn’t have a problem with me watching what I want, like I say, I just haven’t bothered to watch those movies. One of these days I will probably get a copy of “50 Horror Classics” this collection that I’ve seen advertised. I also plan to get a copy of all of the Universal Horror Classics such as “Frankenstein”, “Dracula”, “The Wolfman” etc.

If she were so inclined Sue could get romance movies if she wanted to. They periodically run movies based on Janette Oakes novels on The Hallmark Channel. I don’t really care for some of those, but the same thing applies. I can read, or go into another room. That’s what is great about our relationship. We don’t need to entertain each other.

A lot of times though, in fact the majority, we do agree on what we want to watch. We also usually read the same books. This can make it a bit difficult when we both want to read a new book we have just gotten our hands on… I read bit faster, so nine times out of ten, I get the new book first.

At any rate, this has turned into a blog not unlike what Seinfeld was supposed to be … A blog about nothing!