No I wasn’t hungover. I just got busy. We did get to bed late ( or was it early? ) early yesterday morning, (4:30 am) and slept till noon. We had gone over to our friends, Mary and Earl’s house for a New Year’s Eve Celebration. We had done the same thing last year. Mary had printed out a list of different time zones from Germany to our time zone, Central Standard Time, and when each one came up, we twirled noisemakers, and wished Happy New Year to the different countries. One that was of interest was somewhere in Canada where there was a half hour difference. SO at 9:30 Texas Time, we were wishing Happy New Year to Newfoundland (I think) Sandy spent the night at Mary and Earl’s, so we were kidless last night.

So today after we got up, and veg out for a while, we made a trip to the store for a couple of things. When we got back, I decided to take down the Christmas lights from the front of the house. Next thing I knew, Sue was taking down the lights inside. Well, we decided to just go ahead and take all the decorations down. We even took down the tree. After 8 years we decided that we would get a new tree for this years Christmas. This will be our second Christmas tree together. Time flies when you’re having fun! Or as one frog said to the other…


Time’s fun when you’re having flies!

Happy New Year!!!!!!!