When Sandy got up this morning, I had good news, and bad news for her. She had gotten an I-Pod from a Friend of our at Church. It had belonged to one of the kids in the Youth Group. Gerri, her mother had asked us before if it was okay to give it to her. Sue and I had said it was okay.

Yesterday, I played around with it for a couple of hours, and couldn’t figure out how to get it working. I had come to the conclusion that it didn’t work. Late last night, I decided to try using Sue’s computer, just in case it was my computer that the I-Pod wasn’t getting along with. Well, that assumption turned out to be the case.

This morning we told Sandy that I had figured out the problem, and would be able to place music on the I-pod for her. There was the good news. The bad news was that she had several pages of “I will nots” to write before we would let her use the I-Pod. She took it very well.

So all day today, she was working on getting them done. She has been respectful, and pleasant to be around. I hope it lasts. Time will tell!