Far be it for me to let too much time go by without spouting my opinion of things in the political world, the national scene, and the crazy rock in space we call earth, in general. Oh and yes, I know the old saw about opinions… “They’re like asses. Everybody’s got one and most of em’ stink!”

Okay let’s see, where to start? How about the Dems. As of today, we have a woman closer to the presidency since Hillary Clinton was pres… (Yeah I know, Bill was the one that was actually erected er… elected but when did he have time to run the country? Between interns? )
Any way, Nancy Pelosi is now our first woman Speaker of the House. Applause applause.. etc. While I am glad to see a woman in this position, I do have some issues with Ms. Pelosi. When Shrub gave his State of the Union address after 9/11, Pelosi and Lloyd Bentson sat there talking and rolling their eyes every time Shrub said anything or made a point. I don’t care for the son of a bitch either, but I keep saying respect the office even if you don’t respect the man.. Pelosi is a Beltway player.Time will tell if her agenda is really for the people or her own political power. She hasn’t made any claims in that direction, but would it surprise anyone to see her toss her hat in the ring in 2008?

Sodamn Insane… I mean Saddam Hussein. May he rot in Hell. (I know not a very Christian attitude. ) God forgive me, but I can’t work up a whole lot of sympathy for his family at this tyrants death. He had how many thousands if not millions of deaths laid at his feet, and he claimed to still be the President of Iraq right up till he swung? The guy had to be nuts. Good riddance to bad garbage.

Global Warming. How can an intelligent, thinking being see the pictures of he 100 odd square mile chunk of Arctic Ice shelf broken off above Canada, and not believe in Global Warming. Oh I said intelligent thinking being. That lest out Shrub and his cronies, doesn’t it. I doubt if Shrub would sign the Kyoto Accords if the White House flooded and he and Cheney were waiting rescue in a row boat!

Well, that’s about all I can think of at the moment. I could probably go on, (Sue will probably say I always do go on, and on, and on, and on…) But I gotta pace myself. This could be a long year on the Rant front!