Today I had a meeting at the church. It was nice to be able to get there without having to find a ride! I am on a new committee at church, The Health and Wholeness Ministry Team. The team is made up of 2 retired nurses, an ex Navy Hospital Corpsman, (me) an Insurance expert, a business woman, and a person who had endured the health care system without the benefits of health insurance. We have obtained a resource room at the church, and are putting together information about health concerns.

We initiated a survey a few weeks back asking the congregation to let s know what health care concerns they had. Today we went over the surveys that came back and discovered what was most on the minds of our people. It seems that proper diet and exercise is number one on the hit parade. This gives us a place to start. A jumping off point, if you will.

We were able to place some donated furniture in the room that was set aside in the church. We are also going to be placing a computer in the room that our Youth Director is not using. I am going to donate a printer that we have sitting in the garage that is no longer used. Our internet guy at the church is going to run a line to the computer to get us on the internet.

The idea is that we will have health information for anyone in the congregation who needs it. Te survey was to assess the needs and interests of the congregation. We will be available after church on Sundays for people to have their blood pressure checked, or to help guide them to internet sites that can give them information can help them understand medical conditions they or a loved one may have.

Eventually, we hope to open this resource room to the community as well. That will take a little time. We are off to a good start though.