Tomorrow, we are having our yearly Church Officer’s retreat. This is the second one of my 3 year term. We will have our newly elected officers for the Class of 2009 joining us. We will welcome them, and prepare our hearts and minds to lead the church in this new year.

A volunteer was needed to offer a devotional and a prayer for the Pastor as we do every month at our Session meetings. Although I was warned against doing so when I was in the Navy, I volunteered. As I was researching for a devotional to deliver, I discovered that January 6th (tomorrow) is the Day of Epiphany, which is the close of the Christmas Season. This is a day that commemorates the Wise Men bringing gifts to the Christ Child. I was able to find a devotional that takes this into account. What a perfect timing for our retreat. Epiphany begins tomorrow and last through the last day of Lent.

As I am going to be gone tomorrow, this will leave Sue and Sandy together. Both of them were hoping that Sandy would be able to attend a drill meet, unfortunately I did not get any response from LTC White. I emailed him, and left him several voice messages as well to no avail. We need to know she has permission to go, as she failed the teen leadership class. Oh well. Maybe he will yet call tonight, but I doubt it. Hopefully, Sandy will continue to be respectful tomorrow, as she has for the last several days. I guess an IPOD is a powerful inentive….