We had our officer’s retreat today. Part of the day included the new Committee assignments. This year the church went from a two body form of government, Deacons and Elders to a one body form, Elders alone. Because this change actually went into effect in the middle of the year, the committees that were in place continued as they were. With the new year, and the election of new officers, while others rotate off, the format of committees has changed. The work done by th committees that used to be in place, will continue to be done. Essentially the names are all that really changed.

With this new format, I now find myself on three committees. Because I take care of the library, I am now part of the Christian Education Committee. I used to be on the outreach committee, which is now under the umbrella of Congregation Care and Personal Enrichment. I am also there because of my involvement with the new Health and Wellness Ministry Team. Last year I was also considered to be the sole member of the Communications Committee, this now falls under the Infrastructure and Facilities Committee. (Which used to be Building & Grounds!!!) Hoo Boy!!!

I knew God was calling me to get more involved with the Church, but three committees? Well, I guess if He wants me there, He will give me the ability to serve! God has a tendency to find people that didn’t think they were ready or able to serve. I certainly didn’t think I had been at the church long enough to serve on the Board of Deacons. God proved me wrong. I hope that I have added something to the church leadership over the last year, and that I can continue to be of service over the next two years, that I have left in my current term.