There was a story on the news tonight about another City Council vote about the illegal immigrant issue in Farmers Branch. (Farmers Branch is the Texas community that has passed a spate of ordinances dealing with the illegal immigrants. English is to be the official language in FB, Apartment Managers must rent only to people who can prove they are here legally etc. ) Tonight the FB City Council decided to send the Apartment Ban to the voters. Okay fine. There were the requisite protests, of course. The local news showed this Latino grandmother who complained (through an interpreter, naturally – ) that all she wanted to do was get a job. She now is afraid to go outside because she might get deported.

My answer is, GO HOME THEN!!! Nobody asked you to come here. If you are so damn worried about being deported, then save ICE the trouble, and get the hell out of the country! I do feel sorry for the children who are ether dragged across the border, or are born here, simply so the parents can get welfare. Frankly I think you should not be allowed welfare unless you are a citizen.
What part of illegal do these protesters not understand?

I am all for people wanting a better life. I fully understand this. Come here legally then. OR better still, why can’t Mexico, and the Central American countries make some changes at home, so their people would rather stay there than cross into another country illegally.

I realize that this makes me sound like a bigot. If wanting to have a country where jobs are not taken by a group of people who come here to supposedly find a better life, but refuse to make the slightest attempt to assimilate into the culture of the country they illegally entered into, then I guess that makes me a bigot.

If I went to Mexico to live permanently, I would be expected to learn Spanish. Rightly so. If these folks want to avoid being hunted down as illegal, the first thing they should do is to learn English. If they took this one simple step, it would make it less likely that ICE would even look at them twice.

That’s my rant for the week. If any one is offended, well, I am not going to say I am sorry. That’s what’s great about this country. We are allowed to have opinions, no matter how lousy they might be.