You may notice the blog looks a little different. I decided I wanted to make a change. I do this periodically, on my wallpaper, the skin for Weather bug, My Yahoo front page. and various other things. I guess I get tired of things after a while, at least on the computer.

This Template is called “Harbor” I told Sue I was making a change, and she said she had thought the other one was too dark. Sometimes I like dark backgrounds…

Well, lets see, what to blog about… Hmm. In Austin, Texas, yesterday thousands of birds just dropped dead in the downtown area. No definite answers yet but a couple of theories have been offered. One: They at some fermented berries, and were drunk – Two: They saw their reflections in th windows of the high-rises and attacked – Three: They ate poisoned misltletoe… In a related story, KFC has offered to clean the birds up for free. (Hey I know, a cheap shot! I stole that one form Leno what can I say!)

Anyway, that’s the blog for tonight. Don’t worry, tomorrow Bush will give us the details of his new plan for Iraq. Watch this space for a major rant. Dennis Miller would enjoy!