Shrub addressed the country. As expected, he is committing 20,000 more troops to Iraq. In my opinion, this is like putting a band-aid on a gaping wound. Many people, and in fact many in Congress agree with this assessment. He claimed that his mistake was in not sending enough troops to do the job properly in the first place. I disagree, we should not have gone into Iraq in the first place.

I will admit that initially, when the war started, I was in favor for it. Simply for the fact that the economy usually takes an upturn during a war. Also the last war we got into lasted less than a month, and caused the death of less than 200 American Troops. Obviously I was mistaken to support the war. Let me emphatically state that I do support the troops.

Bush made several statements in his speech that don’t seem to square with reality. For example: “Most of Iraq’s Sunni and Shia want to live together in peace.” Really? Then whey the hell are they doing their level best to annihilate each other?
“We benefited from the thoughtful recommendations of the Iraq Study Group, a bipartisan panel led by former Secretary of State James Baker and former Congressman Lee Hamilton.” So why the upsurge in troops, when the Baker-Hamilton Commission clearly came out against adding additional troops. Did you see a different copy of that report then we read about in the news?

It is clear that this is a President who is completely out of touch with reality. He claims to understand what families of our soldiers are going through. I say bullshit! Unless he sends his twin drunken, partying daughters over there, he will never have a clue. What am I saying. From his speech tonight, it is obvious that he never has.

In a related story, The Israeli Army has developed an Anti RPG system that can protect our armored vehicles, and save American lives. The system is known as “Trophy.” Army official have done everything to block this system from even being tested, after declaring it”98% effective” The army wants a Multi-billion dollar system built by Government sponsered Contractor Raytheon that will not even be ready until 2011. Why are American lives so worthless to this government, that a system that works will not even be considered. Even several Army engineers have said this system works. Other top Pentagon officials have threatened certain engineers over “Trophy” Why is it that the Pentagon insists on waiting for several years for the Raytheon system to be put in place? Kickbacks,that’s why. This is a government that lives off of kickbacks and deals. Obviously the Pentagon, like George W. Bush do not give a damn how many lives they waste.