We are bracing for a major winter blast. We have had rain since last night… and apparently it is going to turn to ice tomorrow. We are looking for up to an inch of ice accumulation by Monday. I have gone out several times, but nothing so far. If we do get any ice out there, I will take some pictures and post here.

I remember an ice storm in January of 1968 or 1970, not really sure of the year. I seem to remember Mom and Dad taking pictures of the ice on the trees. It is certainly pretty to look at, but Hell to drive on. I called our Pastor today to let him know we would likely not be making it into church tomorrow. I was going to do the announcements, so I wanted to let him know. He indicated the possibility of canceling services. We just don’t want to run the risk of wrecking the car. I am pretty good at driving but there are a lot of idiots out there that don’t.

If church gets canceled tomorrow, it will be the first time since Sue and I have gone to Covenant that services have been canceled. The weather looks like it might be a really big mess. The news was showing people stocking up on everything, batteries, water, food. I guess they think the power is going to go out. I guess being prepared is a good idea. We have some food that can be prepared without cooking, and we have candles, and a hurricane lamp, and a fireplace. We’ll see what happens.