I asked Sue what she was blogging about, and she indicated she was going to blog about various subjects. That makes sense, as I can’t think of anything in particular to blog about. Let’s see, where to start.

When I got up this morning, I had a couple of e-mails stating that church services had indeed been canceled today. We did not have any ice on the ground, but Terry decided to err on the side of caution. I can’t say that I blame him.

As of 10:00 this evening, we only have a little ice on the ground, but we do have more coming apparently. In fact the news blurb just said the next wave is hours away. It is beginning to sound nasty. Oklahoma got nailed really bad, but they don’t think we are gonna get it as bad here. We can count ourselves fortunate. Even more fortuitous, we don’t really need to go anywhere tomorrow, Sandy is out of school because of MLK day, so no worries there.

This computer is really beginning to piss me off. Half the time I have to restart it because it starts to bog down, It’s less than a year old! It slows down, or refuses to open a program. I scan disk, and defrag it and it still screws up! AARRGGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Once I get myself back to work, I plan to pick up a couple of 1 gig memory sticks. One for my system, and the other for Sue’s real system. She is using the one I had given to Sandy because her newer system (a few months newer than mine actually) kept crapping out, so I had to switch it out for the older system. I am convinced that the memory is the problem. I want to update that, and get video cards that will run all of the features of Vista, which is supposed to come out the end of this month.

As to going back to work, I had ordered a second phone line from AT&T, and have heard nothing yet. I went up online to check the status of the order, and it states that it is complete. Complete? My ASS! So Tuesday I have to call these idiots and explain to them that there is no bloody way that it’s complete! I need the second line, with nothing on it like voice mail, call waiting etc. The flip side would to have our voice mail taken off of this line, and that’s not an option. It was a pain in the ass to have to tun off the answering machine, and then remember to turn it back on, then half the time the stupid thing didn’t work! Sigh. I hate having to deal with morons. If I want the line installed I will have to though. More news when it becomes less available!!!