We seemed to have gotten lucky here. I woke up at 8:00 this morning, and after I fed the kitties, I went outside to get the paper. Although the lawn was crunchy… We didn’t have the expected ice covering everything. There was some ice on the bridges around the area from what I have heard, and the news reported several accidents.

We have been using our fireplace with the cold weather. It is nice to have a fire going on a cold night like the ones we have been having. I am glad that this house has the fireplace. It wouldn’t have been a deal breaker if we didn’t, but it had been a dream of both Sue and I to have a house with a fireplace.

Since the weather has been cold, we have been keeping the car in the garage. That’s another nice thing about having a house. When we were living at the apartment we naturally didn’t have the option. I am glad we don’t live there any more. Especially when they had our car towed because we were literally one half an inch over the line in the parking lot. That was how the picture they took showed it. Sheesh! Like I said, thank God we are out of there. Living in a house definitely has its advantages.