We got up this morning at 6:30 as usual so Sandy could get ready for school. I looked at Weatherbug, and discovered there was a winter storm warning in effect, and that we had overnight accumulations of snow and sleet. I mentioned this to Sandy, and she looked out the back door, and could see some snow on the ground. There was probably less than a half an inch but to a kid who has spent the bulk of her life in Arizona, this is a lot of snow.

I looked up to see if her school had canceled, and lo and behold it had. Sandy had her first snow day ever! The downside is that there wasn’t enough snow on the ground to make a snow man, or snow angels. Well, we may yet have a chance for this as we have more winter weather heading this way.

She spent some of the day attempting to catch up on her homework. She has until Friday to complete one assignment in World Geography, but I have this suspicion she will put that off hoping that she will get another day off of school. Considering we just had to prod her to finish her math homework… We are hoping she will get her act together. Time will tell.