We got up to 55 today. However it looks like colder weather is coming back. We have had a lot of rain over the last several days. We definitely need it. We have had a couple of really dry years. It’s funny in a way. We left Arizona in the midst of a drought, and get here to Texas and found the same thing.

We had unseasonably warm temperatures until recently too. Then Bam! We got winter weather. Ice, snow, sleet! Down to the point where Sandy got her first snow day. ( As I mentioned in a recent blog) I really do not have a problem with the weather getting cold. One thing I missed in Arizona was the change of seasons.

One thing I have noticed in Texas, is that the weather is very changeable. It can be cool one day then hot the next. So having winter weather show up, is a welcome change for January. When you consider that January in Arizona, the temperatures are usually in the 60s most of the time, I like having to put on a coat when I go outside, instead of having to wear shorts. Bring on the winter weather!