Sue is getting a mammogram done tomorrow. As she mentioned in her blog, she is not looking forward to getting her “boobs squished” as she puts it. Several years ago, I had lump on my left breast and had to have a mammogram done. ( Yes, men actually have been known to get breast cancer.) When I first discovered the lump, I was not sure what it was, so I went to see my doctor. The mammogram confirmed it was nothing, just a fat cell tumor fortunately. There was really no need to do anything for it. Eventually, it went away on it’s own.

Having had the test done, I can understand Sue’s trepidation. There are these two metal plates that you have to place your breast into. Then they tighten these plates up until you tell them to stop. They want you to wait until it “just starts to hurt a little” Difficult enough when you are male, but I can just imagine what it must feel like for a woman, especially if you are well endowed.
I suspect Sue is going to be black and blue for a week or more. Especially since she bruises at the drop of a hat.

So the question is, what to do? Well, I plan make sure she doesn’t have to cook dinner for a few days. I will take care of all of the chores she might try to do. I will also make sure to give her lots of tender loving care. But then I usually do that anyway.