Bush says, “I’m the decision maker!” So does this mean he is going to accept responsibility for the over 3000 American deaths in Iraq, and the deaths to come? Not to mention the missing limbs, and wounded and maimed men and women who have shed their blood in the Iraq Civil War?

On the National News tonight I heard a soldier make the comment that he is sick of hearing people say they support the troops but not the war. “If you honor the work we are doing here, then support us all the way!” he said. To a small degree I can understand that. I just wonder how many soldiers they had to go through before they could find one to appear on camera and make that statement. I also wonder if this particular soldier has actually seen combat. If he has, then I apologize.

I have my doubts though that the majority of the troops there want to be there any more than the Iraqi people really want them there. When you consider the average soldier on the ground in Iraq has been there for 2 and in some cases, 3 tours of duty it is time to start bringing them home. Bush needs to admit that he has made a mistake. He is the decision maker? Then make a decision that makes sense for the first time in your life. The possibility exists that if he doesn’t our children may end up over there. Sandy is 15 now, and will graduate in 2010. I have hopes that encouraging her to join the Air Force doesn’t cause her to end up in harms way, because of Bush’s war.