I have been following the story of four US Soldiers who were attacked, kidnapped, and excuted in a supposedly secure Iraqi compound. These animals that carried this attack out were wearing US Uniforms, carrying US weapons, and driving a vehicle identical to what US Forces drive. Now how in the name of God did they get their hands on all these items? We know of course our friends, the Iraqis that we are dying to bring democracy to would never have given the insurgent forces anything like that, now don’t we. We all know that these people want our help. They contacted us a few years ago, and said, please come over here and get rid of Saddam for us! You can even pretend he still has WMD’s. (That he may not have ever had in the first place) The UN will buy that. ( Not that the UN is worth two cents any more, if they ever were, but that’s another rant!)

It galls me that Bush has put the lives of our people in the hands of these people. Al-Malaki can’t even control his temper in the Iraq Parliament. How is he going to keep up his end, as Bush claims he is going to? Once again, slowly. The Iraqis are engaged in a civil war. There is a good possibility that Saddam was on his way out even without our help. You can only suppress, kill, and generally screw with people for so long before they will revolt. The Kurds were getting close to attempting a coup before we attacked Iraq, and may well have removed Saddam from power. This alone would have ignited the civil war, and we would not have been embroiled in the middle of it as we are now.

The Iraqi security claims that they will have things under control so we can begin troop withdrawals by 2008. The new commander that was just confirmed told the Senate that this surge should only be necessary until summer. Summer of 2050? Gates ( the new Sec’y of Defense) stated yesterday that the Senate resolution against the surge “Emboldens the Enemy” How ridiculous. So then Congress is not allowed to express an opinion? I suppose the fact that the majority of the American public feels the same way does the same thing? The Bush administration has their collective heads so far up their asses that they need a flashlight to see their way out! It cracks me up that his Repulican buddies are deserting his position like rats from a sinking ship.