I have said here before that I am in the process of going back to work. Not at a “real” job like I did before I wrecked my back, but working from home. That’s why I had the hassles with the phone company about installing a second phone line. I was going to do that when we lived in Arizona, but US West ( Or as we called it US Worst, (Later QWEST or QWORST) wanted to charge us over $300.00 to hook up the second line. Here, it only cost us $40.00.

The line is now installed, and I have been given 10 days to do the training for the company I worked for previously. The set up is: They route calls to our phone for various companies which I provide customer service for. I take the calls and then follow a script on my computer, and make the sale, or take the order, or solve the customer service problem, whatever the case may be. Our phone number is never seen by a customer. They are calling an 800 number, and the company I work for, West At Home Agents, sends me the call. I am one of many people around the country that do this from my home. This is about the only legitimate work from home gig I have seen.

In the past for the company, I have taken calls for Home Shopping Network, Pizza Hut, and Office Depot. After awhile the calls seem to dwindle, and I don’t make any money but for awhile it provides some extra bucks.

I really need to buckle down now and do the training. I am working on it. The way it works is I go through the online training material, and then take a test. I have 2 chances to take each test. Most of it is common sense, but sometimes, what you think makes sense doesn’t.

I can do this, I did it before. It’s just a matter of getting it done. At any rate, that’s about it for today. More news when it becomes less available!