This is going to be a somewhat short post tonight. I am in a lot of pain. Sue is hurting quite a bit as well. We both tend to hurt more when weather moves in. The change in air pressure tends to cause problems. Sue’s hips are hurting more, and my back feels like a Roman short sword is being thrust into it, and being twisted. This also sends pain down my left leg.

Normally we both have a certain amount of pain every day. When the weather systems move in, the pain goes through the roof. I have only been dealing with this for about 7 or 8 years. Sue has dealt with it for nearly 30. So I sometimes feel like I don’t have the right to complain how much I am hurting. Naturally Sue doesn’t agree with this. We have to try to work things so that whichever one is hurting less takes care of things that need done around the house, like dinner, cleaning up, things like that. It gets fun when both of us are hurting.

Oh well, to some degree you get used to it. You have to compartmentalize it the best you can. Most of the time this works, but times like now nothing really works. I hate being like this. Every now and then I think about the possibility of trying to go back to work, then have one of these times hit, where it hurts just to breathe. That pretty much kills the idea.