As you may have seen in Sue’s blog, we had a bet on the Super Bowl tonight. Neither of us had followed the teams this year, so I let Sue have first pick on what team she wanted to root for. She picked the Indianapolis Colts because she likes horses, and she was born in Indiana. So that left me with the Chicago Bears.

On one hand, I was betting against myself, as I happen to like Payton Manning, the Quarterback of the Colts. However, the Bears are a pretty good team. I had followed them quite some time back when Mike Ditka was the Head Coach.

The game got started, and immediately the Bears intercepted the kick and ran 92 yards for a touchdown. I thought that I had a good chance of winning the bet. However, in the first quarter alone there were 4 turnovers. The game was really getting interesting. While the Bears held the lead for a short time, I knew that anything could happen. The Colts fought back on a rainy evening in Miami, and unfortunately, my team dropped the ball both figuratively, and literally. The Colts simply played a better game, and won. 29 – 17. At least it wasn’t a total rout.

So I lost the bet. However, the look on Sue’s face when she realized that she had actually won the bet was priceless! Sue doesn’t usually like to bet on anything, because she has seldom won. I, like Sue think we will enjoy making other bets. The two of us will have a nice time going out to dinner together, and Sandy will enjoy watching one of her shows. So like I said in the title of this blog, the Bears lost, but I still win!