Well, I finished my training for going back to work online at home! Yea!!! This is the company I worked for before. I had to train for a different project. What’s interesting is that I started training for this one when I was doing the HSN thing a couple of years ago, but messed up. I got through it this time.

I can start getting hours now. I also expressed an interest in the project they have available for a company called Pro Flowers. I guess I would be taking orders for flowers shops, pretty obvious there.

The other thing I am now certified in is called Direct Response. They take calls for all kinds of products apparently. They are a clearing house for a lot of these commercials you see where there is an 800 number to call. SO if you are watching the commercial for the light that you shake and want to buy it, you may end up talking to me. That or something like it. Time will tell. I hope this work out better than it has in the past. These projects start out good, then hours to work seem to dwindle to nothing. I am keeping my fingers crossed.