By now unless you are living in a cave. you have heard about NASA Astronaut Lisa Marie Nowak. Last year she was a Mission Specialist on the Space Shuttle Discovery. Last week, she drove 900 miles from Houston, Texas to Orlando, Florida with pepper spray, a steel mallet, a knife, and rubber tubing, while wearing a diaper to avoid having to stop on the way.Why? Because she felt that fellow astronaut Colleen Shipman was her rival for the affections of Bil Oefelein another astronaut. Hmm. Can you say too much Tang?

What I really want to know is what made this guy worth her humiliation, let alone the fact she is now facing a bevy of charges including attempted murder! I love Sue, and she loves me, but frankly I can’t see either of us wearing a diaper to drive 900 miles for the other one! I would love to hear Oefelein’s take on all of this! I mean is he God’s gift to women or something? Is he that great in the sack ( Did Nowak even have a clue about that)

Obviously Nowak has a couple of screws loose. Of course she’s gonna get some lawyer come up with the “Traveling in Space has caused her to become temporarily unbalanced.” Defense! Really! It wasn’t the space flight that caused this psycho broad to lose her marbles. Obviously NASA is short for Need Another Security Assessment!