Here are the movies opening this weekend. Also known as the quick and easy cheat blog. I will make an attempt to write the real one later… No promises though. To quote the Nationwide commercials, “Life comes at you fast!”

New releases this week
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Hannibal Rising
Director Peter Webber does nothing to build suspense or make the vengeance scenes anything but graphic.
Breaking and Entering
Ponderous tale of a landscape architect who falls for the mom of a teen burglar hinders good performances.
Eddie Murphy again dons a fat suit and wigs, a la The Nutty Professor, but the payoff isn’t nearly as satisfying.
The Last Sin Eater
A country girl haunted by guilt over her sister’s death seeks redemption through movement toward God.
Factory Girl
Sienna Miller gives a raw, vibrant performance as Andy Warhol’s muse but is hampered by a clunky script.
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