Well, maybe that’s a bit unfair. However Anna Nicole Smith was certainly no rocket scientist. Not since the deaths of Marylin Monroe and Princess Diana, has the world waited with such morbid interest over the results of an autopsy.

The life of this 39 year old Playboy centerfold/actress/reality show weirdo, itself kind of sad, was nothing more than bizarre. Born in Houston to a middle class family she ended up married to an 89 year old Texas Billionaire, who died 14 months later. After his death she fought with his son over the estate. One court upheld the will, the next said she couldn’t collect. Finally the US Supreme Court granted her the right to sue for the millions she felt she was entitled to.

Prior to her death she was embroiled in a paternity controversy over her young daughter who two men are both claiming to be the father of. Then last September, her 19 year old son from her first marriage died of an accidental drug overdose. Now Anna Nicole herself has died, and the likelihood is that her death will ultimately turn out to be from the same cause. Even her mother thinks she has died from a drug overdose. In another bizarre twist the husband of the late Zsa Zsa Gabor has claimed he could be the father of Anna Nicole’s infant daughter. How much weirder can this get?

Why do we care so much about this woman? During the Press Conference today, the Medical Examiner indicated that this case would get top priority to finding the cause of death. I am sure that everyone in Broward County, Florida who is waiting for autopsy results to determine the cause of death of their loved ones, will be happy to wait while they figure out why Anna Nicole died.

I am sorry this woman has died, and I really feel sorry for her daughter. I can just imagine when she gets old enough to ask about her mother. What are the people who end up raising her going to do, show her a copy of Playboy? Hand her the DVD copy of “The Anna Nicole Show”? When this poor kid realizes what a joke her mothers life was she is going to need therapy. The sad truth is that Anna Nicole allowed her life to play out as a caricature. She never came across as a real person. Perhaps not even to herself. Here’s hoping that she finally finds some kind of peace now.