As you know, our 7 month old male ( for the moment…) kitten Mac is going to be neutered on Monday. So this is effectively his last weekend with his balls. Occasionally we have seen him go up to Jenny (Our 4 year old Calico who had already been fixed) and attempted to bite her in the back of the neck. This is a mating stance used by male felines. Jenny usually just gives him a dirty look, and then whaps him across the back of the head and swears at him. Well, at least he has the right sex. Unfortunately for him she just doesn’t have the equipment. Of course knowing Jenny I have the feeling she would whap the hell out of him anyway!

Now and again, Mac will be in his favorite spot on the back of the couch licking himself. At this point, we just tell him, “Lick ’em while ya got ’em!” Hopefully we won’t have to resort to an Elizabethan Collar when we get him home Monday evening. That has been problematic with our other cats. They can’t get to food or water while wearing it, and the litter box is another issue altogether.

What is gonna be interesting is the reactions we are expecting from Shadow and Jenny when we bring him back home. Every time we get one kitty fixed, they come home with different smells, and the other cats don’t know what to make of it. They usually hiss, spit and growl at the poor kitty that has been to the vet.

Jenny was really funny when we got her fixed. She came out of the carrier, and stood there swaying back and forth. She fell a couple of times, got back up and then looked at me with a look that said, “Why do I feel so weird?” I told her she should just lay down, she looked at me, and fell right over. She looked at me with a “You know, that might not be a bad idea!”

It will definitely be interesting to see how Mac changes when he recovers. Time will tell. SO be responsible, Get your pets spayed or neutered!