As Sue mentioned in her blog, Sue’s Muse yesterday, I have managed to hurt my back again. The frustrating thing is that I don’t recall overdoing anything, or trying to do something I shouldn’t have. Unfortunately with my type of back injury it doesn’t take much. At any rate due to this tonight, I will only write a short blog.

We have a gentleman by the name of Tom Leppart who is running for the Office of Mayor of Dallas. Now we do not live in Dallas, so therefore we can’t vote for or against this guy anyway, but there is something about him that kind of bothers me. A few weeks ago, Leppart resigned from a country club he was a member of. It seems that they exclude blacks, Jews, and Hispanics. What you say, he resigned? Well good for him! How astute! Yes it was rather politically expedient of him to resign this association wasn’t it! Especially just a short time before announcing he was running for Mayor.

It seems to me, that is would have been better for him to have decided to stay in the country club, and attempt to change it’s policies from within. Or even better, not to have joined such an exclusive club in the first place.

No I can’t respect a man who makes a show of resigning from a bigoted organization to show that he is not a bigot. It sort of sounds like the old: “Some of my best friends are ( insert the minority of your choice) doesn’t it. Fortunately for Leppart we can’t vote against him. Unfortunately for Leppart I know plenty of people in the City of Dallas who can.