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New releases this week
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Well-acted dramatization of the worst security breach in the history of American intelligence is efficiently told.
God Grew Tired of Us
This moving, inspiring documentary focuses on three of the surviving “lost boys of Sudan.”
Bridge to Terabithia
Effortless performances by Josh Hutcherson and AnnaSophia Robb make this movie worthwhile.
Ghost Rider
Comic-book based tale of a stuntman (Nicolas Cage) who sells his soul is silly in just the right way.
Music and Lyrics (opened Wednesday)
A few good moments shine in this mostly dragging tale of an unlikely duo who craft a hit song for a pop star.
The Italian
Hard-nosed but sentimental tale follows an orphan who longs to find his birth mother before he’s adopted.
Daddy’s Little Girls (opened Wednesday)
Tyler Perry shows he really can direct with this fantasy about a good black woman finding “a good black man.”
Opal Dream
A girl insists her two imaginary friends are real with a fervor that’s more disturbing than the movie will admit.
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