Okay, for those of you living in a cave, there are two dead Celebs that are still unburied. James Brown, the Godfather of Soul has been dead since Christmas. That’s 54 days above ground. Why? His relatives are arguing over where he should spend his eternal slumber. Oh Puh-leeze! Bury the poor son of a bitch and be done with it. He’s dead! DO you think he really cares where they park his stiff?

Then of course there is the train wreck that is the evolving Anna Nicole Smith Saga. She died February 9th. For those who care, that’s 8 days above ground. It’s gonna be interesting to see who gets buried first. I will guess that James Brown will end up in the dirt first, but Anna Nicole will end up above ground longer, while they try to A: figure out what actually killed her and B: Who DA Babydaddy!