I just heard an item on the news. Apparently a couple of people were in the process of leaving a store with a load of meat. When store employees tried to stop them the thieves pulled out a gun. Damn! I knew the prices were going up for beef, but this is ridiculous!

I made a boo-boo on the still not buried stat last night and the night before. Anna Nicole checked out on Thursday February 8, 2007. So as of today it’s 11 days above ground.. The Godfather of Soul: 56.

In other Anna Nicole news, the Bahamian Official who fast-tracked her residency application ( and subsequently appeared in a picture in a fully clothed clinch with the Marylin Monroe wannabe… ) has apparently resigned. Strangely enough he hasn’t claimed to be the baby daddy!

I don’t know if I have ever mentioned this, but our kitten Mac has a taste for beer. Out of curiosity one evening, I held a bottle of Shiner toward him, and he tried to lick the bottle. He did lick a little beer off of my finger. The other cats give me a look of disgust when I let them smell it. Well, just a moment ago, I looked over at the coffee table where my beer was sitting, and the little shit was licking the top of the can! I am gonna have to get him into Kittenholics Anonymous!