Okay. Today’s count: Anna Nicole: 13, James Brown: 58. It looks like I won’t need to keep this up much longer. The family of the Godfather of Soul has apparently made an agreement where to bury him, and Circus Judge… oops make that Circuit Judge Larry “Watch me get in touch with my feminine side” Seidlin tearfully gave custody of Anna Nicole’s rapidly decomposing remains ( hmm with all the drugs I would have thought she would have been better preserved!) to Richard Milstein, who he had appointed last week as Guardian for 5 month old Dannilyn.

Who else besides me is getting tired of this farce! I mean the poor ( figuratively speaking ) woman is dead, and we have two schmucks fighting over her corpse! Not to mention the idiots who are lining up to claim paternity. Do you really think if there wern’t several million dollars involved there would be this much hoopla over it? Or that many guys claiming to be the daddy? I really feel sorry for the child in this case though. She is gonna grow up and need years of counseling just to get into kindergarten!