Sue has mentioned in her blog how Sandy managed to steal back the IPOD she has been restricted from. Saturday while she was gone we searched through her room looking for it. We looked pretty much everywhere and didn’t find it. We determined that she probably had it in her locker at school.

Last night she came out of her room with a little AM/FM radio I had given her some time back, wanting to know if I had any AAA batteries for it as the ones that were in it had died. I told her that I didn’t.

Fast forward to this morning. I had walked back to her room for something, and she was sitting on her bad, and proudly tells me that she had found a couple of batteries that had some juice in them. I looked, and could see that she had the ear buds from the IPOD wrapped around the radio.

I looked at them and pointed. She said “Those are from the IPOD.” I nodded. “I know. Give me the IPOD.” Dumbfounded, she looked at me. “Give me the IPOD.” I repeated. Shaking her head, she pulled out an empty Kleenex box out, and handed it to me. Then I told her:, ” I’ll take the ear buds too.” She got upset about that because then she wouldn’t have anything to listen to her little radio with. My attitude was, “Too bad!” So now I have an IPOD.