Sue will probably blog about Sandy tonight, so I will leave that to her. It’s been one of those days.

Days above ground: Anna Nicole: 20, James Brown: 64. This is really getting ridiculous folks. Now they are taking DNA from the mouldering body of the Godfather of Soul. For what? Is he claiming to be Anna Nicole’s BabyDaddy from beyond the grave ( Wait, that’s right he doesn’t have one yet either!)

Sue and I had Court TV on earlier, and all they had on was the Anna Nicole Show. Not the one where the camera followed her around while she looked vacantly into the camera, laughing hysterically, and looking stoned. We got done watching our guilty pleasure show ( Old and the Useless oops, sorry that’s Young and the Restless… any way, we had recorded a show called “Dirty Jobs” last night. They were talking about the Anna Nicole case when we started that show, we watched it, and then found they still had the story about Anna Nicole running on the channel when we turned off the DVR.

Did you hear what happened in Iraq today? Neither did we. The only freaking thing the news morons are covering is Anna Nicole. WHO gives a crap!!!

ABC last night preempted regular coverage to profile the story of Bob Woodruff, the ABC reporter who was seriously wounded while covering the war. Now I have nothing against Mr. Woodruff, and I am glad to know he is recovering. However, he chose to be embedded with the soldiers, he placed himself in a dangerous situation, and he knew the risks going in. Why does he rate a special for surviving? What about the men who might have been wounded with him in that attack, or the ones who might have died. I honestly don’t know if anyone else was wounded or died in the same attack in which he was wounded. Why don’t I? because the media has chosen only to publicize Bob Woodruff”s wounds. The man was doing a job he was being paid for, and he had the option not to be in harms way, unlike those soldiers with whom he was embedded. I have a big problem with members of the media becoming the story.