We listen to KZPS Fm 92.5 quite a bit. This is a Classic Rock format. The morning show is a couple of crazies, Bo & Jim. Bo Roberts, and Jim White. The are on from 5:30am to 10:00AM Monday thru Friday. They have several regular features they run daily, such as one they call, The Freakin’ Fool File. They relate stories that show that people in general are Freakin’ Fools.

A guy was arrested wearing latex and handcuffs, after checking into a Motel with a mule. Bo read the story and commented that the guy had apparently been in therapy and had been told he needed to get out and meet people… What that had to do with being in a motel room doing …you know… at this point Jim interrupts with “Well what the hell, a piece of ass, is a piece of ass!”

Here is the website for the Bo & Jim page on the KZPS site:

They also have introduced some strange “musicians on the show. This one you have to see for yourself. This is the site of Unknown Hinson. The guy looks like a cross between Slim Whitman and Dracula. He sings a country style music. You gotta check him out. Here’s the site fort Unknown Hinson (He says he was named after his daddy… Supposedly on his birth certificate the space for Father says… you guessed it, Unknown!
Here he is in all his…glory?