I attempted to go to the VA Hospital today to see my doctor, and got caught in a traffic jam. This was even before I was able to get onto the flippin’ freeway! I finally gave up and got off at one of the cross roads, after spending about 40 minutes in bumper to bumper. I will have to call tomorrow to make a new appointment.

The silver lining? I don’t have to do this every day!

Here is the rant:
I am listening to the news, and they are talking about how there was a mortar attack. The soldiers go into the area where the attack was launched to see if they can find out who might have done it. No one will help. Why? They asked a Sunni man and through a translator, he said, “The Americans are responsible for all of this. I am not safe in my own neighborhood, because of them. They have brought death, destruction, and now a Civil War. Why should I help them?”

He y, Shrub! Get a damn clue! The Iraqi people do not want us there, the majority of the American People do not want us there. You are just about the only one who wants us there. Wake up and smell the coffee. Get our troops out, Adding 20,000 more is not the answer.

I don’t expect he will listen to anyone though. He doesn’t listen to his generals on the ground, he doesn’t listen to the Congress, he doesn’t listen to the American People. Shrub is beginning to remind me of the fictitious Senator Palpatine of the Star Wars Saga. He kept declaring more and more powers, “because of the War” till the time came when he declared himself Emperor. Are we going to let George W. Bush do the same thing here? Sometimes I have a chill feeling that he will find a way to suspend the 2008 election so he can hang on to power.