This morning we had to take Sandy in to see the doctor that prescribes her Adderall. We have to go see the doctor once a month, because some rule she has that she has to actually see Sandy before she can prescribe the meds. I am not sure if this is her rule, or something set down by the State of Texas, or what. At any rate we get there and I needed to use the rest room.

I come walking out to find Sue and Sandy standing at the front desk, Sue with an expression that shows she is ready to eat nails and spit rust, as my Grandma used to say!

The doctor wasn’t in today. The idiot at the desk had the gall to say to Sue, “What?You mean someone didn’t call you?” Sue had to restrain herself from responding with something like: “No you silly ass bitch, we just love nothing better than to waste our morning, and our gas, and pull our daughter our of school to come down here and look at your stupid face!”

I had to restrain myself from going over the counter, when the silly ass bitch tells me that they didn’t call because our phone number was no good. WHAT??? This is the same number we have had since we moved into the house almost a year ago. No it’s more like the idiot didn’t bother to call any of the Doctor’s patients that were affected.

On the plus side, I called and left a message with the Doctor, and she called back and is going to mail a prescription.

On to other news:
Lewis “Scooter” Libby has been convicted in the CIA Blame-Gate scandal. He says he is going to appeal. Yeah he plans to appeal his nick-name, other wise I can see it now:

He gets into prison, and some guy that makes Sly Stallone look like Richard Simmons will look him over and say:
“Scooter? Yeah, get on over here, Boy! I got something to scoot up your ass!”