Today, I dropped Sue off at church and went to a food bank in Lewisville where we go once a week to get some extra food. Believe me, this helps, especially with a teenager in the house. Going over wasn’t a big deal. Coming back… That’s another story! I got stuck in traffic again. What the heck is going on here? Two days in a row, I get stuck in traffic. At least today wasn’t quite as bad as yesterday.

Of course on the way to the church, several cars turned against traffic right in front of us. Do we have a target on our car? Not that i am aware of.

I was approaching a traffic signal, and the light changes to yellow. I decided to stop. The car to my left decides he is gonna go for it. However, the light turned to red a good ten seconds before he got close to the intersection. SO he basically ran a dead red light…. I mean it’s one thing if you are part way through the intersection and it changes to red, but this guy ran a dead red light. Where is a cop when you need one!