In todays paper it mentions that James Brown, The Godfather of Soul has been temporarily buried. Temporarily you say, why? Why indeed. It seems that they have placed him in a crypt until a brand new one can be built for him. Kind of makes it sound like they tossed him into a used one… Ewwwww!

Seminole, Florida cops have apparently discovered new evidence in the Anna Nicole Smith case, that has caused Medical Examiner Joshua Perper delay his autopsy findings… Hmm. Does this mean they will be digging her up again?

Meanwhile a woman dressed up in hospital scrubs and walked out of a Texas hospital with a 4 day old baby. They activated the Amber Alert system, and fortunately the infant was found in Clovis, New Mexico today apparently safe. The woman and a male accomplice have been arrested. My question is, where in the hell was hospital security? They had an electronic bracelet on the baby, but the woman just cut it off, and put the 5 lb baby in her purse, for crying out loud! So much for the Department Store tag system for new babies… Hmm, maybe they need to re-think that one?

I gotta wonder about people in this world. I suspect that more people were interested in the latest on Anna Nicole, or what happened at Elizabeth Hurley’s wedding, or what celebrity is sleeping with what other celebrity, or who is going into rehab, then were interested in the Amber Alert for the missing infant.