A few weeks ago, Sue got an offer in the mail from the National Arbor Day Foundation. For $10.00, they would send us ten trees to plant, as part of our membership. So we duly sent in the ten bucks.

Today, the trees arrived. They are seedlings, about 12 to 14 inches high. We got two each of five different varieties of trees, and one free president. I mean shrub. We soon realized one slight problem. We don’t have a shovel. So off we went to Wally World. We found a shovel for $3.99, and a garden rake for the same price. Not a bad deal.

We managed to get two of the trees, and the free president…. I mean shrub planted today. We will get the rest tomorrow. We are likely going to give some of the trees away. Ten trees in our yard, might be just a bit much. Hopefully we can get them to grow. We sort of have what you might call, brown thumbs. We managed to kill a cactus, when we lived in Arizona. We will let you know how these do.