We planted the rest of our trees this evening. It was a bit easier going tonight. We had torrential rains this afternoon, and I mean torrential! We had a pretty nasty thunderstorm system come through, and dumped a bit over three inches of rain on us, in the space of a hour or so.

Like I said the rain helped make the digging a bit easier. Last night after we got done with the three trees we had time to plant, we stopped across the street and talked to some of our neighbors. We told them about the trees, and they jokingly said if we had any we didn’t want they’d be happy to take them off our hands. Sue and I knew they were just kidding, but we immediately decided that we wanted to share

Sue and I talked, and decided that trying to plant ten trees on our small lot was going to be a bit much, so we gave four of them away to our friends. As I get older I try to be more of a giving person, both figuratively and literally. We knew that we really had too many tree seedlings, and the idea was to get them planted in the ground soon, so why not share what we had.

We did place a Crabapple Tree in the back yard in such a way that it will provide some shade over our air conditioning unit. We are going to do our best with them, and hope they grow. We are going to keep a positive thought, but even if only one or two make it we will still be ahead of the game.