As some of you may remember, I am in the process of starting back to work from home, for the company I was with last year.

The first thing I trained for was a bit called: “Direct Response”. This is a catch all type of certification. If you’re watching late night television and a product comes on with an 800 number, chances are when you call one of those “operators (who) are standing by” you’ll get a Direct Response agent. On the surface this seems like an okay gig. Unfortunately in practice, it’s a pain in the arse.

Thus far when I have signed on, I have not been able to get any calls to work properly. I did get a couple of calls, but the software interface I am using doesn’t want to work properly. I follow what the screen tells me to do, and nothing happens. I am unable to move on to the next screen. Oh well, this is the way things usually go with West.

I had also trained in Pro Flowers, not realizing that the only time I would get any hours was around Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Easter etc… SO much for that one too.

Howsomeever, things may be looking up. I discovered there were several opportunities opened up for me, so I jumped at several. I got notification that I could accept Sears Home Care, and the California Bee Newspapers. I accepted the Newspapers gig. Then I discovered that as I had accepted that one, it locked me out of the Seas gig. Apparently they figure we are too stupid to train at more than one certification at a time…

Oh well, I figure I will work my butt off on the training for the Paper gig, then put in for the Sears one all over again. I will keep you informed.