Remember in Star Wars after Han, Luke, and Princess Leia escape from the Death Star, and the Empire sends those four TIE Fighters (also known as “Laser Fodder”) after the Millennium Falcon? Luke nails one and triumphantly yells, “I got him! I got him!” Han replies “Great shot, kid…Don’t get cocky!”

I had one of those moments a little bit ago. I was doing the training for the California Bee Newspapers, and got to the point where I was ready to take the first of four tests. I thought I had all the answers down, first I got started into the test and the computer, or the web server from West screwed up and I lost the screen. Fortunately, I have gotten into the habit of copying these tests, and pasting them into Notepad. Then I can leisurely look for the answers and pass the tests. Yeah I know, cheating a bit, but what the hey…

Well, I let West know there was a screwup and they reset the test. I took it, and thought I had all the answers right. Didn’t need to double check. I knew I had all of them right, or at least wouldn’t get more than on wrong. I got 3 wrong. It was a 12 question test. Oops. I got cocky!

Fortunately West gives us two chances on each of these test, plus they tell you what you got wrong. So I was able to find the correct answers and passed the test with a 100%.

One down 3 to go. The moral: Again, Don’t get cocky!