Did you miss me? I missed blogging for a couple of days here. I did the cheap and easy movie guide blog on Friday, fully intending to come back later and write a real blog later that day. Well, I got sidetracked… So I never got back.

Yesterday I was doing some more training on the California Bee newspapers. I am now half done with that certification training. I got a 90 on the second test. After a bunch of swearing and freaking out. I was in the middle of the test when the computer started to act funky… What else is new! Oh well, I managed to pass it tho.

As Sue mentioned, we had the Health Fair at Covenant yesterday. It went pretty well, there were a lot of people that came. In fact, I think more people were at the Health Fair than made it to church today…

Kurt Booth, one of my fellow bloggers, came up with a very interesting idea this morning. We have a Church Newsletter called “The Challenge”. He suggested that we set up a blog for The Challenge, and post it all on line. Everything we put in the monthly newsletter could go online in the Challenge Online. I kind of like it. It would be a matter of setting it up, and getting the information that goes into the printed version up on the net. I think it could work.

Well, that’s about it folks. More news when it becomes less available.