We heard via messenger from a good friend of ours in Australia tonight. She has been fighting with the DVA there ( the Australian military version of our social security) for disability. After being denied several times they have finally granted her 3 years back pay for the spinal injury she suffered as a member of the Australian Air Force, and a monthly amount as well.

We are very happy for her, as she has been fighting for this longer than I did for my disability. She really needs this, has been depressed off and on with all of this. She like Sue, is really able to understand what I go through on a daily basis. She lives it.

She is a really sweet lady, lives about 45 minutes south of Australia Zoo ( Steve Irwin’s Zoo)in Brisbane. She often sends wildlife cards to Sandy, Tara, and Elisa, and other things like that. She is a fellow writer which is how we met as a matter of fact. She is on a couple of the same writers boards we are on.

She has always prayed for us in things we need, and we have always done the same for her. She is married to an expatriated American from Georgia who visited Down Under, and decided to stay. Way to go Nean, and many more good things come your way now!