We managed to get out to see “Eragon” today. Sandy had gone with our friend Mary the other day and seen 3 movies at the cheapie movie theater in Lewisville. One of the ones she saw was “Eragon” based on the book by Christopher Paolini. We had been wanting to see this movie ever since we read the books, and found out the movie was being made. Alas, we were not able to swing it with other things going on, so we figured we would end up buying it on DVD.

Well, Mary told us that on Tuesdays, this particular theater has seat for $.50 all day. We figured that for $1.50 ( actually it worked out to $3.75 because buying the tickets online adds a $.75 surcharge – oh well) it would be worth it to get to see the movie in a theater before watching it on our TV.

We didn’t tell Sandy what we were doing, or where we were going until we got to the theater. She guessed we were going to see “Eragon”.

The movie was not bad. They made some changes from the book, but that’s pretty much the norm. The changes they made for the most part worked, and were necessary to advance the film. They did a scene where Sephira( the dragon in the story) grew from a hatch-ling to full size in a matter of moments. Considering in the book, this growth took over 6 months, it would have been nearly impossible to show this in the film. Overall, they did a pretty good job with it.