If you read what went on yesterday in Sue’s blog and the brief mention about the whole debacle in mine, you are up to speed on how this university made some major boo boos.

On of which was sending us information that belonged to another applicant ( including his name, address, email, and worse of all – Social Security Number). I will get to that one in a moment.

This afternoon, we got a phone call from the Director of Admissions. He had seen the flurry of emails that went back and forth yesterday, and last evening, and was calling to find out what had gone wrong. We told him what had happened, how they Assistant Director of admissions was high pressuring us, and how Dwight had sent the information belonging to another applicant to us. He listened to what we had to say, then he apologized profusely for these actions, and indicated that he fully intends to look into this. He assured us that this is NOT acceptable to him or to the school. He is, like we are at a loss to understand why they went into this high pressure deal last night, wanting everything done in one day. He was also not happy that the Assistant Director had sent us a scathing email.

He let us know that if we would like to still come to Kaplan we can go through him. He makes the decisions as to what students are accepted. We let him know that we would still need to have the $95.00 admission fee waived. He said no problem just follow the procedure that we had been asked to do last night, and far as writing a 250 word essay, and then send everything to him. We asked if we could have some time to think it over, he told us that was not a problem. We are thinking and praying about it. We still want to get an education, and up to all of the crap that happened last night, we had thought Kaplan was the place we wanted to go. We still may.

Last night I sent an email to the gentleman who’s information had been sent to us by mistake, and informed him about that. I then followed up this morning with a phone call. I left a message on his voice mail about the screw up. This evening we got an email back from him, thanking us for advising him of the fiasco. He is understandably, quite angry. He has decided not to go to Kaplan, and may even take legal action. I can’t say that I blame him.

At any rate that is where everything sits at the moment.