I place the warning as there is one occasional reader who is a fan of Shrub. I don’t happen to agree with her opinion of him, but as I have said in the past, I will defend to the death her right to have a favorable opinion of him.

That said, I shall proceed with the aforementioned rant.

Today Congress approved the Iraq War spending package, adding to it a deadline to begin troop pullouts. (Hmm, pull out, that doesn’t sound very manly!) Ahem! Any way, Bush very angrily stated that if that hit his desk by George ( or Dick, or Karl… ) he would Veto it. Way to go Shrub. You show those idiots in Congress, the majority of the American people, and the rest of the civilized world just how stupid they are and how you are the only one in the entire world ( just about) who understands that we have to “STAY THE COURSE” and “GET THE JOB DONE” no matter how many American soldiers and Iraqi peoples lives are sacrificed.

What is it with this guy? Why is it that he just plain cannot or will not see the forest for the bloody trees? I have to wonder if his daughters were serving in the military he would feel the same way. DO you suppose he would so cavalierly throw lives away? Both ours and the Iraqis?

What really scares me is the scenario I can just about envision. Let’s say that he does Veto this bill. ( He will) Let’s then say that Congress manages to pull together enough votes to override the Veto ( they won’t) I can see Shrub declaring the suspension of congress due to the “emergent situation” I can see him becoming the first American Dictator, and suspending the next election. Paranoid? I hope I am. I truly hope I am. Something to think about folks.